The Sunday Currently, Volume 34

Today’s the day! I’m changing up my blog design. This will also mean that my blog will no longer be associated with You can find me at for every post after this one. If you currently follow me on Bloglovin at my site, follow my new blog with Bloglovin here.

Daniel and I just got back from a quick one-night trip to Gettysburg. Yesterday we spent the afternoon doing a self-guided auto tour of the Civil War battlefields. We picked up our CDs at the Visitor Center Gift Shop. The tour took about three hours long if you add up the time spent stopping and looking at sites as well as the driving between stops and listening to the audio on the CD. It was pretty fascinating.

Downtown Gettysburg is really cute. We ate at a couple of fun restaurants while we were there. We also took the opportunity to stay at a cute bed & breakfast, The Inn at White Oak. It was a fabulous stay – we recommend it!


Downtown Gettysburg


At one of the battlefield sites


Listening to our Auto Tour, driving to the next stop


Morning walk at the bed & breakfast


Reading   Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I plan to finally wrap this one up this afternoon. I didn’t take too much time to read this past week.

Writing  nothing but this post until after I take a nap. Maybe I’ll be inspired to work on more blog posts after my nap….

Listening  to nothing but the clicking of my keyboard and Daniel typing on his keyboard. It’s pretty quiet in the apartment today.

Thinking  that I can’t decide if I like the new color on my nails. I decided to try Essie’s Sand Tropez for a natural nude look, but I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Smelling  my Caribbean Escape candle again! I love this candle.

Hoping  to have a productive week at work. That fall deadline is creeping up very, very quickly, and I don’t want to have a stressful busy season this fall

Wearing  a cotton sundress from Old Navy

Loving  this gorgeous weather. DC humidity, stay away! I could really love summer if it always felt this way.

Wanting  a nap. I have not been taking many naps lately, but right now it sounds so good to curl up and snooze away for an hour (or two).

Needing  to get to organizing my jewelry stash! I have the tools, I just need to make the time. Perhaps I should do that instead of take that nap. Nah, I need the nap….

Feeling  relaxed. Sunday afternoons at home are so good.

Clicking  on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Twitter…. It’s a social media overindulgence kind of day.


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The Sunday Currently, Volume 33


DC’s Truckeroo, July 11


Typical Saturday afternoon at home

I’m writing this post from home for what seems like the first time in ages! We have been traveling up a storm, taking advantage of the sweet summertime. It has been amazing, but sometimes an unplanned weekend at home is the best. Friday Daniel and I checked out Truckeroo, one of DC’s food truck festivals (yummy!) and then called it a very early night. Saturday was filled with meal planning, running errands, a matinee (we saw Begin Again and really enjoyed it!), and a night out with friends. For today, we are going to go out for a late lunch, and then I hope to get to some cleaning and reading. Also, today is finally the day where I begin the process of upgrading my blog to with a new design and all! I’ve never done this before, but this could mean my blog looks different as soon as this evening. We will see!


Reading   Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I haven’t actually started, but I’m looking forward to it! I hear it’s a fun, light read.

Writing  plans in my planner and blog post ideas. Also, I’ve gotten back into my wonderful habit of daily journaling. Okay, I haven’t quite gotten back to doing it every single day, but I am writing in it several times a week, and it feels so good!

Listening  to a summer playlist I made for myself. Currently, One Minute More by Capital Cities is playing. I just love this song!

Thinking  that it’s certainly time for some lunch

Smelling  my Caribbean Escape candle

Hoping  to get back into my old workout routine this week. For real this time….

Wearing  shorts and a v-neck t-shirt

Loving  coffee. And my summer playlist. And snuggling with my kitty (meet Banana here).

Wanting  some sort of egg dish for lunch. Usually for Sunday lunch/brunch, I want nothing more than a stack of pancakes, but today I’m really craving eggs….

Needing  to get over to my apartment complex’s pool soon! Every summer, I look back and wonder why I didn’t spend more time by the pool here.

Feeling  kind of headachey but fairly good otherwise

Clicking  on Bloglovin’. Just this morning I discovered two new blogs that I love, so I’m enjoying clicking through their posts (here and here).


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The Sunday Currently, Volume 32



Today’s post will be short as I’m literally typing this on my iPad at the beach with my sisters in Galveston. Aaah, I just love a beach day.


Reading   The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It’s excellent so far, and I hope to finish it on the three hour plane ride tomorrow.

Writing  this post and then I’m back to my book and magazine on the beach

Listening  to the waves crashing and children playing

Thinking  that I’m so happy to be here with Elizabeth and Ellen

Smelling  the salty ocean air and sunscreen

Hoping  for this day to slow down

Wearing  a swimsuit

Loving  Galveston. I had no idea how much there was to see and do here!

Wanting  and really looking forward to our dinner of Mexican food tonight!

Needing  to apply more sunscreen I’m sure

Feeling  relaxed and content

Clicking  on Instagram occasionally, but that’s it for today


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The Sunday Currently, Volume 31


At the OneRepublic concert


Sunset sail in Annapolis, MD


As you can see from the pictures above, it has been a full and fun weekend. On Friday I went to the OneRepublic concert (with American Authors and The Script opening for them) with a group of friends. Saturday Daniel and I took a day trip to Annapolis, MD that involved browsing shops, ice cream, a delicious seafood dinner, and a beautiful sunset sail. Today I got my nails done with a friend, ran errands, and did some picking up around the apartment.


Reading  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I finished The Fault in Our Stars last week, and I really liked it. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie with my book club (my group of friends who gets together to discuss the book for five minutes and socialize about other things for a couple of hours, ha).

Writing  in my journal again these days – finally. I used to be great about daily journaling, and I stopped doing it consistently for about a year, but I’m back at it!

Listening  to Ed Sheeran’s new album X (pronounced “multiply”). The songs Photograph and Tenerife Sea are my favorites.

Thinking  about the week ahead and getting excited! Daniel is leaving on a backpacking trip with some college friends, and I’m heading back to Texas for a beach trip with my sisters in Galveston.

Smelling  our new Bath & Body Works Caribbean Escape candle. It’s a really great summer scent! It’s making me very excited for the ocean and sand and sun.

Hoping  for a smooth week at work before the holiday

Wearing  pajamas…. At 7:30pm at night. Yes, I know, it’s lame. But nothing sounds better to me right now than getting some blogging done and catching up on some shows (currently watching True Detective) all while being as comfy as can be.

Loving  how much we have been making the most of summer. Evening walks, big trips, weekend trips, reading good books, etc…. Summer has been good to us so far.

Wanting  to get back on that sailboat in Annapolis. Last night on the water was magical.

Needing  some sister time! Good thing I have a whole long holiday weekend ahead with Elizabeth and Ellen. Really looking forward to Galveston!

Feeling  nervous! I’m watching True Detective  right now, and it is getting good, but it’s pretty creepy.

Clicking  blogs and Instagram. Oh, and I’m starting to sort of use my Twitter account (e_phillips), but I’m still not quite into it yet.


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The Sunday Currently, Volume 30


Saturday’s brunch


Our team at this morning’s Cure HHT Walk


Beautiful morning in DC

Happy Summer! While summer is not typically one of my favorite seasons, there are so many things about it that I really enjoy: bright colors, pool time, vacations, summer reads, sundresses, cold drinks, etc. We celebrated summer by eating crepes for Saturday brunch at a French cafe in Old Town, attending a going away party for a friend in our church small group last night, participating in the Cure HHT Walk in DC this morning, and enjoying a tasty tex-mex lunch at Austin Grill (after which I may have squeezed in a nap). Now for a night in of blogging, reading, and possibly watching another episode of True Detective.


Reading  The Fault in Our Stars. I have not read it before, and I am determined to read it before seeing the movie. So far, it’s really great, and it will be a quick read for sure. I finished Out of the Easy earlier this week – I really enjoyed reading the book, but I thought that the ending was too sudden like the author was rushing to finish it. I would definitely still recommend it as a good summer read though.

Writing  a posting plan in my planner. I’m really behind on some blog posts I had hoped to do at this point, but all of my traveling has kept me from my plan. Even though I’ve got some more travel in the near future, I’m going to try to stick with my plan from here on out.

Listening  to Ed Sheeran on Pandora. I’m really looking forward to his new album that comes out tomorrow!

Thinking  that I’m determined to get back into a work-out routine this week. I love going to classes at my gym, but I’m realizing that I’m way too dependent on them for my workouts. If I can’t make a certain class time, then I just won’t work out that day. There are too many great alternatives for me to make this my excuse – I have seen so many blog posts about fun at-home workout options lately that I need to start taking advantage of. Do you have any specific suggestions for workout DVDs or YouTube channels that I should start with?

Smelling  our Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle from Bath & Body Works. It’s almost out, and that is the last of our candles. For now…

Hoping  that I don’t regret the rather large Bath & Body Works online purchase I just made. They are having their Semi-Annual Sale which means their three wick candles are half off and their bath and body products are buy-two-get-one-free. I couldn’t resist some of their new amazing summer fragrances, and, like I mentioned in “smelling” above, we are almost out of candles!

Wearing  comfy shorts and a t-shirt

Loving  this relaxed summer weekend at home

Wanting  to figure out what’s for dinner tonight. Daniel ran to Trader Joe’s for our groceries for the week, and we have quite the fun selection of dinner items to choose from.

Needing  a bit more motivation tonight. I feel like being lazy and just watching TV and YouTube, but I can’t!

Feeling  kind of strange. It was a good weekend, but I still feel like I have not gotten enough done at this point. Trying not to be too hard on myself….

Clicking  on some of my favorite blogs


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The Sunday Currently, Volume 29


With great friends at the wedding


With the beautiful new bride

Whew! What a weekend! Thursday through Saturday I was preparing for and celebrating my friend Shannon’s wedding. Today we had a great time hanging out with Daniel’s family and celebrating Father’s Day. I’m currently collapsed in bed at Daniel’s parents house for our last night in Texas, and I’m very happy and very, very tired.


Reading  Out of the Easy still. I have had zero reading time since coming to Texas. I’m hoping to read a lot on the plane tomorrow.

Writing  just this post

Listening  to the fan going. It is HOT here in Texas.

Thinking  that it will be quite hard to get back into a normal work routine once we get home

Smelling  nothing. My allergies are really acting up.

Hoping  for no flight delays tomorrow. We have one connection in Atlanta, and we already aren’t scheduled to get back to D.C. until after 10pm which is late enough for me!

Wearing  pajamas

Loving  life in general. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see high school and college friends this weekend and to spend time with family.

Wanting  to snuggle with Banana!

Needing  some time to catch up on blogging and reading, but unfortunately, it’s back to work in the morning before our flight and back in the office Tuesday morning

Feeling  unprepared for our trip tomorrow. I’ve got multiple bags that I randomly threw things into without any organization during the wedding weekend, and I need to re-pack while balancing work in the morning. I just don’t have the energy to do it tonight.

Clicking  some YouTube videos while writing this post!


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The Sunday Currently, Volume 28


Me, my sister Elizabeth, and her boyfriend Jason


My brother Ben and me…. I can’t believe how tall he is! I also can’t believe he is old enough to be a lifeguard.


With my cousin Rebecca and my grandma

Yesterday I flew from DC to Waco, TX, and now I’m with my family in my parents’ new house! I have had a great time this weekend getting to visit with my sisters and brother and cousin and grandparents and parents. Tonight my sister Ellen and I went and had dinner with some of her college friends. We have a lot more fun in store for this week too!

The main reason I’m in Texas is because I’m in a friend’s wedding next Saturday, but I decided to come down early to spend time with the family. With my job, I’m able to work remotely at times which is a really nice perk for situations like this.


Reading  Out of the Easy as part of the Semi-Charmed Summer 2014 Book Challenge

Writing  not too much. Enjoying time with family!

Listening  to our family cat Tim meowing out in the hall

Thinking  that I am EXHAUSTED. Friday night I really only slept an hour or two. I had a 6am flight yesterday morning and what little sleep I got before leaving the apartment at 4am was broken by my own cat meowing and exploring around the room

Smelling  the scent of the Tea Tree toner water I use from Lush. So refreshing!

Hoping  to go right to sleep as soon as I publish this post

Wearing  pajamas – it’s bedtime!

Loving  being in Waco. The dinner we went to tonight was on Baylor’s campus (where I went to college), so of course lots of good memories came to me while we were there!

Wanting  Daniel here with me! He won’t be joining me in Texas until Friday.

Needing  sleeeepp. I’m just so tired right now.

Feeling  content and blessed

Clicking  through some book reviews on Amazon


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