What I’m Watching

I could not think of a great blog post idea for today, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite TV shows that I’m currently watching. Yes, I know I watch way too much TV, but I will say that I don’t keep up with these shows on live TV (I go through them very slowly on Hulu and Netflix), and I am almost always doing something productive while I’m watching my shows (getting ready, working on the blog, doing Project Life, folding clothes, etc.). There have been times when I’ve thought maybe I should cut down on the number of shows I watch, but I’ve decided that I don’t need to do that until I find myself wasting away in front of a screen for hours every night and not getting anything else done.


This is my #1 favorite show that I’m watching right now. In fact, it’s probably my second favorite of all time – right behind Gilmore Girls. It will make you laugh and cry and bond with the characters in a way that just makes it seem so real.


Friday Night Lights

I’ve talked about this show on the blog before, but I just love it! It falls right behind Parenthood in the rankings. It reminds Daniel and me of growing up in small town Texas. We have been watching all of the seasons over the past year, and we are just about the wrap up the whole series.



The story line of this show just keeps getting more and more twisted and crazy! I love Kerry Washington too. It gets too graphic for me at some points but not so much that I can’t watch the show. Lots of crazy stuff goes on in the White House in the show – makes you wonder what really goes on behind the scenes in the real White House.


Law & Order SVU

I’ve watched this for a long time, and I still really enjoy it. I miss Detective Stabler, but as long as they keep Olivia Benson around, I think I will keep watching.


How I Met Your Mother

I keep watching this show for the funny moments and because I want to see Ted finally meet his wife!


Criminal Minds

Crime shows are just so interesting to me, and this is probably my favorite show in the genre. Warning: It can be extremely graphic and disturbing. I just close my eyes in those parts. :)


Grey’s Anatomy

Oh, how I love a hospital drama! I think the character development in this show just gets better and better.


New Girl

I just find this show really funny. It’s definitely not a favorite, but it’s short, so Daniel and I like to put it on if we just want to watch a quick show.



This show is kind of weird (you would have to watch to understand), but for some reason, I’m really drawn to the main characters and enjoy the story line.



My husband owns a “You Just Got Litt Up!” mug. We love this show.


The Bachelor

I know, I know…. I just can’t help it – every season is so addicting!!


Pretty Little Liars

Before you judge, you should watch. Daniel and I both love this show! It’s more of a murder mystery than a younger version of Gossip Girl like many people seem to think.



I’m not liking the show nearly as much as I used to, but I just can’t let it go. I love the characters!



Intriguing and addicting…. I want to live in Emily’s cottage by the sea!



What shows are you loving? Not that I need a new show to start right now, but I’d love some ideas for the future!