Lazy Days with Banana // 06

Ever since we got back from Europe, Banana has insisted on trying to get our attention every second we are home. If we are up walking around, he follows us – “meow meow meow” – until we sit down. When we close the door at night (we typically try to make the bedroom a furr-free zone by not letting him in), he cries like a baby and scratches on the door and sticks his paws under the door for hours  – one time it was ALL NIGHT LONG. This is not normal for him. He obviously missed us while we were gone and is trying to make up for lost time. It is driving us crazy!!

But, when we are sitting down, he is as content as ever to snuggle or just watch us as we do whatever we are doing – as long as we are not up moving around or behind closed doors where he can’t see us. I know that he will start calming down soon once he realizes we are actually staying home (for now). Meanwhile, I try to remind myself that he is only doing this because he loves us and wants to spend time with us so badly, which is pretty cute.  I really do love my chubby kitty!

2014-05-04 01.28.51

2014-05-18 21.07.12




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Lazy Days with Banana // 05

If you are new to my blog, meet Banana, my cat! Every once in a while I do a Lazy Days with Banana post to share all of my latest favorite Banana pictures. Enjoy!


He loves to beg for food – even dessert!


Stretch! Must have been a rough day….




Our morning routine….


Warm and cozy!

Lazy Days with Banana // 04

Each month I post pictures of my cat Banana sitting around doing nothing but being cute, and I call this series Lazy Days with Banana. I do this so that I can limit the amount of Banana pictures I share on other posts. I do share pictures of him outside of these posts occasionally (and way too much on Instagram), but at least I try to not look like a crazy cat lady. :)


Yes, my cat does watch entire TV shows with me….






Lazy Days with Banana // 03

Once a month, I do a Lazy Days with Banana post to give readers a glimpse into Banana’s life in which he does a bunch of…. nothing. Here is another round of lazy Banana pictures. Click here to see all Lazy Days with Banana posts on one page. Enjoy!

Banana loves to snuggle under the covers.


He is also like a dog and loves to beg for people food.



This is us making up after Daniel and I returned from two weeks away in Texas. He was so mad at first that he reached up and scratched my face, but we are good now!



Lazy Days with Banana // 02

It’s time for another Lazy Days with Banana post where I post pictures to give you a glimpse into the daily life of our furry little critter. Click here to see my first post as well as somewhat of a description of the series. Scroll down to view the pictures, and if you go all the way to the bottom, you will see our favorite Banana picture of the year by far!






This is the best picture of Banana all year! I was taking a picture of him being all cute, and I got lucky enough to catch him mid-stretch. He is giving you a big hug! :)


Lazy Days with Banana // 01

We have an orange cat named Banana. He is a furry little ball of joy that I look forward to going home to everyday (along with my husband, of course!). We adopted him a little over a year ago, and he came to us with the name Banana. At first, we were hesitant and wanted to change his name, but then it grew on us. Now I absolutely love how his name makes people chuckle, and it just seems to suit him in an unexplainable way.

Daniel and I take pictures of Banana all the time. He never ceases to crack us up with his funny poses and adorable faces. He acts much like a dog – begging for cuddles and people food, waiting at the door for us to come home from work, and always striving to be the center of attention.  He is also quite fat and loves to eat plastic and lick windows. He is a strange one. But we love him!

I decided that I’d like to share a glimpse into the life of Banana with a monthly series called “Lazy Days with Banana”. While these posts won’t entertain everyone (feel free to click away), I think that these photos may provide amusement for some. Welcome to Banana’s little world!