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Watching EssieButton

Last August, I read a blog that linked to a certain YouTube channel – My Housewife Life. I clicked the link and watched a video, then another video, then another. Then I realized that this same vlogger had two other channels (Organized Like Jen and TheBusyBeeBuzz). I clicked over to those channels and started watching more and more videos (clearly I was not busy that day). Then I subscribed to all three channels. This was the first time I had ever really spent much time on YouTube other than the occasional binge watching of funny videos with my friends or watching a music video every now and then. I had no idea that there were so many vloggers out there that regularly post on their own channels and create good content – some of them even do it as their full-time job!

After watching all of Jen’s videos religiously for about couple of months, I heard her recommend another YouTube channel. So I went over to that channel, watched some videos, and subscribed. Then that vlogger proceeded to recommend a few other vloggers who recommended other vloggers and so on.

This is how I became addicted to YouTube.

It’s probably not a good thing to add another time-waster into my life, but just like with TV, I try to make sure I’m doing something else productive while watching such as getting ready for the day or folding laundry or working on a Project Life album.

I thought it would be fun today for me to share my favorite YouTube channels. I have many that I enjoy watching occasionally, but these are the channels that I tune into every single time they post a video.

1. My Housewife Life – Mentioned above, this was my first YouTube video that I subscribed to. On this channel, she posts vlogs of her everyday life with her husband Don and puppy Winnie. They do all kinds of fun things like travel, cook great meals, host fabulous parties, etc.

2. EssieButton – This is a beauty channel. I did not know I was interested in beauty talk until I started watching Estee’s channel. She makes it really interesting, and she is absolutely hilarious.

3. Essie Button Vlogs – This is the vlog channel of Estee of EssieButton (see #2). I really enjoy watching her everday life with her boyfriend Aslan and dog Reggie. They live in London, so that makes it particularly interesting for me.

4. itsJudyLife –  This is another vlog-style channel. Judy and her husband live in Seattle and have twin girls and another toddler. They literally vlog every single day of their lives, so I don’t actually watch every video they post, but I do enjoy watching many of them! It’s neat to see a glimpse into the lives of young parents.

5. Savannah K. Wallace –  Savannah is a blogger over at Maiedae. She posts mostly beauty videos, but she also posts videos about being a new mom and about other types of lifestyle products.

6. missglamorazzi – Ingrid’s main focus is beauty. I love her videos because she is funny, her videos are so nicely edited, and she is just too cute!

7. TheBusyBeeBuzz – Also mentioned above, Jen posts all kinds of fun things on this channel including shopping hauls, monthly lifestyle and beauty favorites, empties, book reviews, subscription box openings, etc.

Do you have any favorite YouTube channels?