The Sunday Currently, Volume 32



Today’s post will be short as I’m literally typing this on my iPad at the beach with my sisters in Galveston. Aaah, I just love a beach day.


Reading   The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It’s excellent so far, and I hope to finish it on the three hour plane ride tomorrow.

Writing  this post and then I’m back to my book and magazine on the beach

Listening  to the waves crashing and children playing

Thinking  that I’m so happy to be here with Elizabeth and Ellen

Smelling  the salty ocean air and sunscreen

Hoping  for this day to slow down

Wearing  a swimsuit

Loving  Galveston. I had no idea how much there was to see and do here!

Wanting  and really looking forward to our dinner of Mexican food tonight!

Needing  to apply more sunscreen I’m sure

Feeling  relaxed and content

Clicking  on Instagram occasionally, but that’s it for today


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