The Sunday Currently, Volume 31


At the OneRepublic concert


Sunset sail in Annapolis, MD


As you can see from the pictures above, it has been a full and fun weekend. On Friday I went to the OneRepublic concert (with American Authors and The Script opening for them) with a group of friends. Saturday Daniel and I took a day trip to Annapolis, MD that involved browsing shops, ice cream, a delicious seafood dinner, and a beautiful sunset sail. Today I got my nails done with a friend, ran errands, and did some picking up around the apartment.


Reading  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I finished The Fault in Our Stars last week, and I really liked it. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie with my book club (my group of friends who gets together to discuss the book for five minutes and socialize about other things for a couple of hours, ha).

Writing  in my journal again these days – finally. I used to be great about daily journaling, and I stopped doing it consistently for about a year, but I’m back at it!

Listening  to Ed Sheeran’s new album X (pronounced “multiply”). The songs Photograph and Tenerife Sea are my favorites.

Thinking  about the week ahead and getting excited! Daniel is leaving on a backpacking trip with some college friends, and I’m heading back to Texas for a beach trip with my sisters in Galveston.

Smelling  our new Bath & Body Works Caribbean Escape candle. It’s a really great summer scent! It’s making me very excited for the ocean and sand and sun.

Hoping  for a smooth week at work before the holiday

Wearing  pajamas…. At 7:30pm at night. Yes, I know, it’s lame. But nothing sounds better to me right now than getting some blogging done and catching up on some shows (currently watching True Detective) all while being as comfy as can be.

Loving  how much we have been making the most of summer. Evening walks, big trips, weekend trips, reading good books, etc…. Summer has been good to us so far.

Wanting  to get back on that sailboat in Annapolis. Last night on the water was magical.

Needing  some sister time! Good thing I have a whole long holiday weekend ahead with Elizabeth and Ellen. Really looking forward to Galveston!

Feeling  nervous! I’m watching True Detective  right now, and it is getting good, but it’s pretty creepy.

Clicking  blogs and Instagram. Oh, and I’m starting to sort of use my Twitter account (e_phillips), but I’m still not quite into it yet.


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