The Sunday Currently, Volume 30


Saturday’s brunch


Our team at this morning’s Cure HHT Walk


Beautiful morning in DC

Happy Summer! While summer is not typically one of my favorite seasons, there are so many things about it that I really enjoy: bright colors, pool time, vacations, summer reads, sundresses, cold drinks, etc. We celebrated summer by eating crepes for Saturday brunch at a French cafe in Old Town, attending a going away party for a friend in our church small group last night, participating in the Cure HHT Walk in DC this morning, and enjoying a tasty tex-mex lunch at Austin Grill (after which I may have squeezed in a nap). Now for a night in of blogging, reading, and possibly watching another episode of True Detective.


Reading  The Fault in Our Stars. I have not read it before, and I am determined to read it before seeing the movie. So far, it’s really great, and it will be a quick read for sure. I finished Out of the Easy earlier this week – I really enjoyed reading the book, but I thought that the ending was too sudden like the author was rushing to finish it. I would definitely still recommend it as a good summer read though.

Writing  a posting plan in my planner. I’m really behind on some blog posts I had hoped to do at this point, but all of my traveling has kept me from my plan. Even though I’ve got some more travel in the near future, I’m going to try to stick with my plan from here on out.

Listening  to Ed Sheeran on Pandora. I’m really looking forward to his new album that comes out tomorrow!

Thinking  that I’m determined to get back into a work-out routine this week. I love going to classes at my gym, but I’m realizing that I’m way too dependent on them for my workouts. If I can’t make a certain class time, then I just won’t work out that day. There are too many great alternatives for me to make this my excuse – I have seen so many blog posts about fun at-home workout options lately that I need to start taking advantage of. Do you have any specific suggestions for workout DVDs or YouTube channels that I should start with?

Smelling  our Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle from Bath & Body Works. It’s almost out, and that is the last of our candles. For now…

Hoping  that I don’t regret the rather large Bath & Body Works online purchase I just made. They are having their Semi-Annual Sale which means their three wick candles are half off and their bath and body products are buy-two-get-one-free. I couldn’t resist some of their new amazing summer fragrances, and, like I mentioned in “smelling” above, we are almost out of candles!

Wearing  comfy shorts and a t-shirt

Loving  this relaxed summer weekend at home

Wanting  to figure out what’s for dinner tonight. Daniel ran to Trader Joe’s for our groceries for the week, and we have quite the fun selection of dinner items to choose from.

Needing  a bit more motivation tonight. I feel like being lazy and just watching TV and YouTube, but I can’t!

Feeling  kind of strange. It was a good weekend, but I still feel like I have not gotten enough done at this point. Trying not to be too hard on myself….

Clicking  on some of my favorite blogs


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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 30

  1. I felt the same way about Out of the Easy. :) I need to pick up a copy of The Fault in Our Stars soon. What kind of workouts do you like doing? I can definitely recommend some dance DVDs if you’re interested.

    • I’m glad you agree about Out of the Easy. I really think the whole book could have been better if the ending were different! As far as workouts go, I really like workouts with good, inspiring music which is why I tend to love my BodyPump and spin class workouts. I’ve been eyeing several of your dance DVDs from your blog!

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