Home Sweet Texas: Wedding Time

Part one of my trip to Texas was spent mostly with my family in Waco. Part two of my trip to Texas was mostly dedicated to wedding preparations and celebrations for my high school friend Shannon. Here are some pictures and captions of the wedding weekend!


Bachelorette Party time at Joe T’s!


High school friend reunion


The entire bridal party!


Back at the house where we stayed, the living room and kitchen were decorated with fun, girly decorations, including a giant MRS balloon.


Friday brunch at Mimi’s Cafe, a favorite of mine



Relaxing at the house and so excited for the wedding!


At the rehearsal dinner. Note the adorable picture of the bride and groom in the background!


The morning of the wedding, we gave Shannon a scrapbook with pages of pictures and notes from each bridesmaid.


Joined by another lovely high school friend (Jennifer) at the wedding reception


I don’t have permission to snatch any of the photos of the wedding taken by Shannon’s photographer, but I did take a picture of her bridal portrait so that I could share how beautiful she looked! She was a stunning bride.


Pappadeux’s after the wedding with a big group of high school friends. This is me, Becca, Jennifer, and Kim.


That takes us through Saturday! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures the rest of our time in Texas. On Sunday, we spent the whole day with Daniel’s family celebrating Fathers’ Day, and Monday we both worked in the morning, packed our bags, and flew home. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed and Daniel’s bag was lost, so the trip didn’t end on a high note. BUT Daniel’s bag was returned to us today, and we have wonderful, wonderful memories from the weekend.


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Texas: Wedding Time

  1. It looks like it was a great trip to Texas! The scrapbook is a wonderful idea, I bet she loved it. I have several friends getting married this year, I think I might have to use that idea :) Thank you for linking up today, I hope you link up again next week!

    • I plan to link up every week! I love the idea of being able to post whatever from the week on a day that is typically slow for blogging. It’s always fun to find new blogs through link-ups too!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this. It is always so exciting when a friend gets married and all friends and family are gathered together again. Love the dresses! What a beautiful bride your friend is!

  3. Y’all all look stunning, & the bride is gorgeous [that veil is beautiful]! I especially love your striped dress. And how special & sentimental to give her a scrapbook of memories the morning of the wedding – that is the best.

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