The Sunday Currently, Volume 29


With great friends at the wedding


With the beautiful new bride

Whew! What a weekend! Thursday through Saturday I was preparing for and celebrating my friend Shannon’s wedding. Today we had a great time hanging out with Daniel’s family and celebrating Father’s Day. I’m currently collapsed in bed at Daniel’s parents house for our last night in Texas, and I’m very happy and very, very tired.


Reading  Out of the Easy still. I have had zero reading time since coming to Texas. I’m hoping to read a lot on the plane tomorrow.

Writing  just this post

Listening  to the fan going. It is HOT here in Texas.

Thinking  that it will be quite hard to get back into a normal work routine once we get home

Smelling  nothing. My allergies are really acting up.

Hoping  for no flight delays tomorrow. We have one connection in Atlanta, and we already aren’t scheduled to get back to D.C. until after 10pm which is late enough for me!

Wearing  pajamas

Loving  life in general. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see high school and college friends this weekend and to spend time with family.

Wanting  to snuggle with Banana!

Needing  some time to catch up on blogging and reading, but unfortunately, it’s back to work in the morning before our flight and back in the office Tuesday morning

Feeling  unprepared for our trip tomorrow. I’ve got multiple bags that I randomly threw things into without any organization during the wedding weekend, and I need to re-pack while balancing work in the morning. I just don’t have the energy to do it tonight.

Clicking  some YouTube videos while writing this post!


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 29

  1. I hope y’all’s flight got in on time, with no delays! I hate being delayed, but weirdly enough, I love being in airports. What YouTube videos were you watching? I’ve been loving Organized Jen [well, all of her channels!] lately.

    • I love all of Jen’s channels! I started watching her last summer, and that began my addiction to YouTube. You know what, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure you are the reason that I started watching her! I think you posted about her MyHouseWifeLife vlogs in a TSC post. So I have you to blame for my YouTube addiction. :) I also love EssieButton, missglamorazzi, RachhLoves, and so many more!

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