The Sunday Currently, Volume 27


Above our campsite at Prince William Forest Park, May 30

It’s Coffee Shop Sunday! It has been a long time since Daniel and I have had the time to sit at a coffee shop and read and work on our various projects. I’m not complaining – we have been traveling a ton (my favorite), but it has been nice to have a bit more of a weekend routine this time around. Well, sort of… We went camping Friday night at Prince William Forest park, but it was a quick little outing. We left Friday right after work, set up camp, made dinner and breakfast over the fire, did some hiking, and we were home by 3 yesterday. Ever since then, we have just hung out at home, gone to church, and crossed some errands off of our list. This weekend has felt long and stretched out in the best of ways!


Reading  Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. I plan to finish it by tomorrow. I’m really enjoying it! It was hard for me to put it down to do other things this morning. If you are looking for a fun “beach” read, this is a good choice!

Writing  posts about our Europe trip. So much to share!

Listening  to some Ed Sheeran. Looking forward to his new album coming out soon!

Thinking  that I’m enjoying this warm yet cool spring weather. I’m afraid the intense heat is going to be here too soon though…. The only time I really like that kind of heat is when I’m at the beach or at the pool. Otherwise, it just makes me tired and unmotivated to do anything but nap.

Smelling  this iced Oprah Chai Tea Latte. I tried the hot version before and really liked it, but for some reason this iced version is just too sweet to me. That’s unfortunate…. Might have to get my usual here in a minute – grande Blonde roast with half and half.

Hoping  to be motivated to clean off my dresser after small group tonight

Wearing  jeans and a Baylor t-shirt (Sic ‘Em!)

Loving  the weekend!

Wanting  to wish my friends that are getting married this month a big congratulations! I can’t attend most of the weddings, but I am a bridesmaid in one in a couple of weeks for one of my closest friends! Excited for the wedding festivities.

Needing  a jacket. It’s a little chilly in Starbucks today. This iced coffee is not helping.

Feeling  refreshed. And excited about what summer will bring.

Clicking  Bloglovin’, Instagram, Dropbox, etc….


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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 27

  1. I thought the same about the Iced Oprah Chai. I haven’t tried it hot yet.

    I always enjoy traveling too, but I always enjoy the return to my usual routine when I’m back too. It’ll be nice for the two of you to have a break and get some normal life in before you start up again. :)

    Enjoy the cool weather. It has been hot here and I don’t like it. I don’t mind heat in the right circumstances… so basically I need to be someplace really cool. And Minneapolis does not count as really cool when it comes to experiencing heat. :)

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