Weekly Wishes #19


Sailboat in Charleston, SC – May 25th

We got back from Charleston very, very early yesterday morning on the train. We took a really long nap when we got home and started moving around noon – unpacking, cleaning, reading, etc. After running some errands, we went to see the new X-Men movie, and then we went to bed early. It probably wasn’t the most exciting Memorial Day, but we were making up for having a very exciting past few weeks! I love traveling and being busy, but it will be nice to have a few weeks at home with a bit more down time than usual. Hopefully, that means I can work more on these goals!

Last Week

1. Finish Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way –  Done! This book was so great. I loved every page! It really makes you think about the important things in life.

2. Organize and edit vacation photos. Nope. I’m going to try to this weekend.

3. Get back to the gym! I did alright, but I still want to get back to being consistent.

This Week

1. Read most (if not all) of Someday, Someday, Maybe as my next book in the summer reading challenge.

2. Organize and edit vacation photos. Gotta try this again! I’m hoping to start my vacation recap posts end of this week, but I need to edit photos first.

3. Clean/organize the top of our dresser. It is so messy because I’ve been using it as a place to store all of the random things in my purse and suitcase from our trips.

Have a great four-day week!

The Nectar Collective



One thought on “Weekly Wishes #19

  1. You have been busy lately! :) I’m excited to hear about your trip when you start posting. I use the top of my dresser for the random things in my purse, too, so I regularly have to clean it up. :)

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