The Sunday Currently, Volume 25


Versailles, May 13

And, just like that, we are back from Europe! We are tired but so happy to have experienced such an amazing trip together. Both London and Paris are fantastic cities to explore, and Daniel and I both feel like we came back more educated about the history and culture of these cities than we expected to. At some point soon, I will be posting about the trip, and I will have lots of pictures to share at that time!


Reading  Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way. I’m really enjoying this one so far! I finished Night Film on my trip, and it was just so fantastic! When I first started reading it, I was worried that it would be a bit too nightmarish for me based on the opening scene, but, while there are some scary scenes, I didn’t find it too over-the-top, and the focus was definitely more on the story and the mystery. I’m  completely blown away by how the book ended so differently than it began, and I’m a huge fan of how the author, Marisha Pessl, writes. I’m looking forward to reading her other book in the future..

Writing  nothing. We have declared today an unabashedly lazy day in the Abernathy apartment full of naps, reading, and YouTube video and TV watching. I should probably do some loads of laundry though….

Listening  to essiebuttonvlogs videos on YouTube.

Thinking  about London and Paris and how beautiful those cities were

Smelling  the Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle again. Perfect Sunday morning candle!

Hoping  to feel rested after today. My body clock is pretty confused, but I was able to sleep well last night and hope that continues into tonight and tomorrow.

Wearing  sweats and a t-shirt

Loving  the pictures from our trip. I took all of my pictures on my phone (the iPhone 5s has a great camera). My phone was stolen on the train in Paris, so we lost our pictures from that one day, but thanks to iCloud, all of my other pictures were backed up on my iPad. Daniel took over the picture-taking after that. We had insurance on my phone (I already have my new one), so my main worry as soon as I realized my phone was gone was that I wouldn’t ever see any of my pictures again. I am so much more grateful for these pictures now!

Wanting  lunch! It’s a mac & cheese and soup kind of day since we haven’t gone to the grocery store yet.

Needing  to figure out how to get back into the real world. I have been living in a dream for nearly two weeks!

Feeling  very grateful and very tired

Clicking  Bloglovin’, YouTube, Hulu, Instagram, Goodreads. Basically, catching up on all things TV and social media.

Believe it or not, we are packing right back up and heading to Charleston, SC with our great friends Kaitlin and Erik on Thursday night for Memorial Day weekend. I love Charleston,and I’m so excited to explore it with Daniel and our friends! Have a beautiful Sunday!

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One thought on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 25

  1. Welcome back!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. :) It’s too bad your phone was stolen. I’m actually afraid to travel overseas with my phone because I’ve heard of several people who have had that happen, if not while they were traveling then while going through customs on their return. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Night Film! I loved what you said about the scary scenes… there were some in there, but it wasn’t the focus of the book, so I really enjoyed that. It had the perfect mix of mystery and spookiness. I bought her second book as soon as I finished the first, although I haven’t read it yet.

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