April Favorites

Today is my official first day of our vacation, and we are hopefully wandering around London when this post goes up. While I’m away, I’ll still have posts going up on my usual posting days, but I will not be doing my usual link-ups (The Sunday Currently and Weekly Wishes). Follow me around London and Paris via Instagram if you are interested. My Instagram account is emily_abernathy.

Since I’m scrambling to pack, and this is the final blog post I have to write before we leave, this favorites post is going to be a bit short this month. I’ll be sure to have lots of favorites next month!


Mad Men

It’s back with it’s final season! This show is very well-made and historically accurate, so I feel like I’m somewhat being educated about America in the 60s while watching it.


Ed Sheeran

I’ve been on a big Ed Sheeran kick lately. His Pandora station is always a great mix of music that I enjoy both working to and winding down at night to.

Body Care

Victoria Secret Sparkling Citrus Lemon Escape Lotion and Tangerine & Passion Flower Body Wash


Both of these were impulse buys when I was at the mall in mid-April. I had heard the lotion mentioned on a blog, and I just thought that the body wash sounded really nice. Both smell divine, but the lemon lotion (described as lemon sugar and coconut) is my favorite. They are both perfect spring and summer scents.


Milani Clear Brow Shaping Gel & Anastasia Brow Whiz in Soft Brown


For the longest time, if you asked me what my least favorite physical feature was, I would tell you my eyebrows. They have been unruly and patchy my whole life, and I always hated how they looked in pictures. I finally found the combination that keeps them (mostly) from curling into a crazy mess and fills them in without looking too obvious. The eyebrow gel can be found at most drugstores (if they sell Milani) for a decent price, but the Brow Whiz is a bit pricey. Hopefully, it will last awhile!


Treasure Tromp

Treasure Tromp is a fairly recent find of mine, and I cannot get enough of it! She writes about many things, but the posts of hers I love the most are about books and travel. In fact, pretty much any blog that focuses on books and travel is going to get my attention because those are my favorite things. Check out her Travel page, and spend some time exploring her fun blog!

What did you enjoy in April?

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One thought on “April Favorites

  1. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get back! I’ve heard really good things about Mad Men and the Anastasia Brow Whiz. I’ve actually thought about looking into the brow whiz because of all the rave reviews that I’ve heard, but my brows are one feature of mine that I’ve always loved. I use a shadow to add a bit of color and make my brows darker so that they fit with the color of my hair better. I will have to look into the body wash!

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