The Sunday Currently, Volume 24


Happy Sunday from Banana and me!

This weekend has been all about getting ready for our trip this Wednesday!! I’ve been pre-writing blog posts, running tons of errands, making reservations at restaurants in Paris, spending time with friends, etc. It’s been fun, and I am just so, so excited.


Reading  Night Film. I was not very good about reading this week (which is sad considering I posted about doing a book challenge last week). But I’m still loving it and am planning on wrapping it up on the plane next week.

Writing  so many blog posts!

Listening  to a mix of stations on Pandora and my laundry going

Thinking  about London and Paris…. I’m afraid I’m going to be quite repetitive in this post.

Smelling  the Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle. Normally, I save the dessert and baking scented candles for the fall and winter, but I could not turn this one down while browsing around BBW. It is delightful, and I feel like I’m eating a donut when I smell this candle.

Wishing  time would slow down today just a little bit. So much to do in so little time!

Hoping  that things go smoothly at work Monday and Tuesday, so that I can leave the office for a week and a half feeling like I’ve left projects in a good place.

Wearing  my pjs. I need to run and change here very soon because we are having brunch with friends!

Loving  oh, you know, all things London and Paris :)

Wanting  brunch! We are going to a great place nearby, and I can’t wait to try out something new along with my standard cup of coffee.

Needing  to do lots and lots and lots of things. My to-do list is massive, y’all.

Feeling  … Can I say it again without being annoying? So excited for our trip!!!

Clicking  blog posts, but I should stop and get ready for the day!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 24

  1. Your trip is coming up!! I hope everything goes well at work so that you don’t have to think about it when you leave for your trip. Have a great time!!

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