Semi-Charmed Summer 2014 Book Challenge


I have been thinking about doing one of the book challenges held by Megan at Semi-Charmed Kind of Life for a while now. My biggest hesitation is that I enjoy spontaneously choosing my next book to read based on what I feel like reading rather than having them planned out. Also, I typically cannot read as fast as I will need to in order to finish the number of books required in the challenge. However, I think that participating in one of these challenges will help me to read faster, and I think that the group effort will be a fun way to link up with other bloggers who love to read. So, I’m going to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine, but I want to see if it’s something that I like.  If this sounds like something you would want to participate it, click here to see the rules and other information on Megan’s blog. You should also click around to see some of her other posts – she is one of my favorite bloggers!

Without further ado, here is my preliminary list of books I have picked out for each category of the challenge (I can change them throughout the summer):

5 points: Freebie! Read any book that is at least 200 pages long.
— Someday, Someday, Maybe, Lauren Graham (344 pages)
10 points: Read a book that was written before you were born.
— Brave New World, Aldous Huxley (268 pages) [first published in 1932]
10 points: Finish reading a book you couldn’t finish the first time around.
The Magnificent Obsession, Anne Graham Lotz (198 pages remaining)
10 points: Read a book from the children’s section of the library or bookstore.
— The Fault in our Stars, John Green (318 pages)
15 points: Read a book that is on The New York Times‘ Best Sellers List when you begin reading it.
 The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt (771pages) – This is LONG! We will see if I can do it!
15 points: Read a historical fiction book that does not take place in Europe.
— Out of the Easy, Ruta Sepetys (346 pages) [set in the United States]
15 points: Read a book another blogger has already read for the challenge.
— TBD 
20 points: Read a book with “son(s),” “daughter(s)” or “child(ren)” in the title.
— The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Kim Edwards (401 pages)
20 points: Read a book that was/will be adapted to film in 2014.
— Wild, Cheryl Strayed (315 pages)
25 points: Read a book written by a blogger.
 Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way, Shauna Niequist (252 pages) [blog]
25 points: Read a biography, autobiography or memoir.
— Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), Mindy Kaling (222 pages)
30 points: Read a pair of books with antonyms in the titles.
— Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Semi-Charmed Summer 2014 Book Challenge

  1. So glad you are joining the challenge! Funnily enough, a preview JUST came on for The Fault in Our Stars as I was reading your list. It was a great book! And Out of the Easy is one of my favorites. :)

  2. Stopping by from the linkup. The Fault in Our Stars is on so many people’s lists (mine too!) :-)

    I loved The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – I hope you do too!

    For the antonym one, I’m trying to do something with birth/death. I really want to read The Death of Bees, so I’m trying to think of a book with “birth” in the title for the antonym. If I can’t find one, I’ll take the easy option and go with life ;-)

  3. This sounds like a really interesting challenge! I’ll have to look into it. Your picks sound great! I need to read Someday, Someday Maybe too. :) I’ll be interested in seeing your thoughts on Brave New World, Out of the Easy and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter since I’ve read those. I’ll also be interested in seeing your thoughts on Bittersweet. I have Bread & Wine, but haven’t finished it yet. Good luck!

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