Weekly Wishes #16


Hiking in TN, Spring Break 2009

Each week, I share goals that I would like to achieve in the week ahead and discuss my progress on last week’s goals by linking up with The Nectar Collective and sharing a Weekly Wishes post.

Last Week

1. Put together my March Project Life layout. I went to pick up my prints only to find out that Target Photo never received my order. This will be a re-do goal this week. :/

2. Next book up is…. Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I want to read at least 1/3 of it this week to stay on track with my annual goal of reading 24 books. 1/3 down, 2/3 to go!

3. Get winter coats dry-cleaned and put away in storage. I dropped them all off at the dry cleaner, so I’ll pick them up and put them away this week.

This Week

1. Put together my March Project Life layout. Let’s try this again!

2. Make sure I purchase everything that I need for our trip and run any errands for it over the weekend.

3. Call my grandparents. I was thinking about this today, and I realized that it has been too long since I’ve talked to them!

I also have my usual reading goals, but I think those are getting repetitive. I’m also going to be fairly busy at work just to get ahead for my time off, so I’m keeping my goals light again this week.


The Nectar Collective

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #16

  1. Hey Emily! Visiting via the linkup! :)

    I always have reading goals going on in the background too but rarely get around to finishing books lately which makes me sad, so one of my goals is to finish the book I’m reading now, The Power of Habit! I read a lot of non-fiction these days.
    Ringing grandparents – I too have been thinking about my gran lately, her mother (my great granny) passed just last month at the age of 104! So she’s been on my mind and I’ve planned to do the same this week!

    I’m new to your blog, what is your project? I was participating in Project 365 but gave up, my life just isn’t interesting enough on the daily to keep going. All I put up were food photos!! lol

    Here’s my weekly wishes post http://wp.me/p41gfV-da

    • Thanks for stopping by! I love a good mix of fiction and non-fiction reads. Lately I’ve been a bit heavy on the fiction because my turn has come up for a lot of my books I have on hold at the library, and they mostly seem to be fiction! Yes, I think that calling grandparents is so important. I’m blessed to still have all four in my life, and I want to keep up with them for as long as I can. The project I’m working on is called Project Life. You might be interested because it’s a form of scrap-booking that is much less time-consuming than the traditional route, and I only create two or three layouts per month. Here is the link that will give you more information about it!

  2. Good luck with your goals this week! You’re making good progress on Night Film. :) I should take my winter coat in to be dry cleaned. I bought a new coat this winter and the material collects things easily so it’s covered in dog hair. I put it through the dryer a few times before I went to DC so that it didn’t have so much dog hair, but it still has some.

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