Weekly Wishes #15


Well, last week flew by, didn’t it? Daniel and I just got back from a nice walk outside after having yummy slow-cooker brisket tacos for dinner. The weather is beautiful here today! Now I’m watching YouTube videos and writing this post from bed. :) It has been a great evening!

Last Week

1. Finish The Cuckoo’s Calling. Finally done! It was an interesting book, and I enjoyed the plot twist. I did, however, find the first half of the book very slow. It might have been because I was exhausted every day during the time I was reading the first half, so I may not be the best judge. But I really enjoyed the last half.

2. Choose and print out my pictures for my March Project Life pages. Picked out my prints and sent in the order to Target Photo, but I haven’t picked them up yet.

3. Conquer the dresser! Done! My drawers are nice and organized, and I found some things to give away and throw away.

4. Meal plan for next week. I did this on Saturday. I’m already really enjoying the benefits (see dinner reference above), and we are set for the week!

This Week

1. Put together my March Project Life layout.

2. Next book up is…. Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I want to read at least 1/3 of it this week to stay on track with my annual goal of reading 24 books. I put this on my reading list a LONG time ago back when Crystal at Dreams, Etc. highly recommended it, and it was finally my turn for it at the library this week. Very excited!

3. Get winter coats dry-cleaned and put away in storage. I don’t think I will be needing those for a while!

That’s it for this week! Daniel’s brother is coming to town Thursday through Saturday, so we want to have plenty of time to spend with him. We are excited to have him! Have a fantastic week!


The Nectar Collective




7 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #15

  1. Stopping by through the Weekly Wishes link up! Good luck with your goals this week – I am still trying to get round to meal planning, it really does make a difference doesn’t it? I also realise how bad I’ve been at reading this year, time to attack my ever growing pile!

  2. Those tacos sound delicious! And I’m so excited that you’ll be reading Night Film! I’ve been thinking about that book lately. I want to reread it, so I put myself on the wait list for the audiobook at the library. :) Good luck with your goals this week! And have fun with Daniel’s brother when he’s in town.

  3. It wasn’t until I read how many books you aim to read in a year that I realized I have only read one so far! I am getting pretty lazy about reading so thank you for being an inspiration! Time to figure out what I am going to read … perhaps I will take a crack at the one you just finished. :)

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