Exploring DC: The Hamilton Live

Last Friday, Daniel and I met up in DC right after work and walked to the Hamilton together.  The Hamilton DC is a nice restaurant with a fancy dining area on the first floor. But once you walk past the dining area, you reach a staircase and go downstairs to enter the Hamilton Live, where we spent the rest of our evening. The Hamilton Live is a concert venue and another dining area, but it is very different from the restaurant upstairs. The atmosphere is much more casual, but it keeps the classy feel with its black table-cloths and dimly lit lights. The menu selection is smaller than the actual restaurant upstairs, but it still has a wide variety of appealing options that you would not normally see at a concert venue. We ordered pretzel sticks to start, two sushi rolls as our main course, and cheesecake and coffee for dessert. We had arrived early to grab seats with a good view of the stage, so we ate our dinner before the concert even started.

Dave Barnes played that night, and Andy Davis opened for him. We really enjoyed the concert. I’ve been a Dave Barnes fan for a while. If you have never heard of him, start with this song. It’s really good. :) You should also check out this song – it’s one of his newer ones, and it really reminds you to appreciate the good things in life.

{Excuse the dark, fuzzy iPhone pictures}












I would highly recommend checking out the concert schedule and visiting this venue. If you are in the mood to dance and go crazy to the music, this would not be the right venue, but if you are looking for a relaxing place for dinner and entertainment after a long week, this is the place!


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