The Sunday Currently, Volume 21



It has been quite the weekend!! We have had a whole lot of fun. Friday I ran out of my cold and dreary office and drove straight to the metro station near our apartment, parked the car, and took the metro to meet Daniel in the city. We went to a Dave Barnes concert at The Hamilton in DC. The Hamilton Live is a really nice concert venue where guests sit at tables and order from a delicious menu while watching the concert. I’ll post pictures and details soon – it was definitely fun to see this neat place in DC.

The weather has been GORGEOUS this weekend! Saturday morning we went into Georgetown. I ran to my appointment at Drybar to get my hair done for our DC photo session. Drybar is so cute! They basically just blow dry hair, and you can pick out your style from their Style Menu. They give an amazing head massage while getting your hair washed and then offer you your drink of choice while they style your hair. I really enjoyed the experience. While I was getting my hair done, Daniel took a long walk around Georgetown and the Naval Observatory. After my appointment, we grabbed some BBQ and ate outside to soak in the sunshine. The rest of the afternoon (after a Target run) was spent cleaning and freaking out over what I was going to wear to our photo shoot. I eventually found something to wear and we went into the city to meet our photographer – I can’t wait to share these pictures on the blog!

Today we ran some errands and have now glued ourselves to chairs at Starbucks for the next couple of hours.


Reading  The Cuckoo’s Calling. Sort of…. I didn’t read much at all this week. :(

Writing  more trip plans

Listening  to Daniel laughing at Harrison Ford’s AMA

Thinking  that it is so gorgeous outside and I want to get in a walk this afternoon

Smelling  my first cup of coffee of the day

Wishing  that when we get home my apartment will magically be clean (ha!)

Hoping  to be a more positive person this week

Wearing  jeans and a t-shirt and flip-flops!

Loving  that we have found the restaurant we want to go to for our anniversary dinner in Paris! Now to try and snag a reservation….

Wanting  to see the pictures from our DC photo shoot!

Needing  water

Feeling  rejuvenated

Clicking  TripAdvisor

Enjoy your day!

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 21

  1. Your hair looks fantastic! It sounds like you guys had a great day. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the photoshoot! And if you find a way to have your apartment magically clean itself, please let me know, because I would definitely be interested in that. :)

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