The Sunday Currently, Volume 17


Despite working a good part of the day yesterday, it has been a nice weekend. Daniel and I were able to take a long lunch break Saturday to visit DC’s Union Market with some friends. I’ll probably put together a short post about it this week – it was such a fun little market.

The highlight of today was getting to see my aunt and cousins who were in the area. We met them at a play place so that the little ones could run off all their energy before flying home. Their flights are around the time I’m writing this, so they are getting out of the DC area right before the next snow storm hits! Yes, another snow storm is coming our way…. This would normally excite me, but I think I’m done with the cold days that leave no room for getting out into the fresh air. It’s time for Spring!


Reading  The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. So far, it’s a pretty interesting read, but I have not gotten as far as I would have liked.

Writing  not much – just reading things

Listening  to the usual Sunday afternoon Starbucks noises

Thinking  that I’m really missing my family and friends in Texas today

Smelling  my vanilla rooibos tea and my Warm & Cozy VS body spray

Wishing  I could train my body to wake up early on weekends like most people my age seem to have done. I love the early morning, but if I don’t have an urgent reason to be up, I won’t get out of bed before 9 or 10. During my busier weekends like this one, I tend to not work out, but if I were able to get up earlier, I could get in a good workout before the busyness of the day began.

Hoping  that everyone stays safe and warm during the snow storm tonight

Wearing  my new GAP jeans, boots (hoping it’s the last time to wear these this winter), and a sweater

Loving  Dave Barnes‘ new album that I just purchased. We also recently bought tickets to his concert here in April!

Wanting  to not be sleepy

Needing  to clean my apartment at some point today

Feeling  burnt out but trying to remember the little joys in the daily grind. Oh yes, and slightly sad because we finally finished up the entire Friday Night Lights series last night. I’m sad for it to end!

Clicking  the news. I’m very sadden and frightened by the missing Malaysia Flight 370. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and to everyone around the world searching and trying to figure out what exactly happened.

I hope that you are enjoying this lovely Sunday too!

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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 17

  1. I’m intrigued about The 4-Hour Workweek. I have so much on my reading list to get through right now, though! I’m trying to train myself to wake up early every day – it’s a challenge, but I love the solitude of being away before everyone else.

  2. The missing plane is such a scary thing to read about! How does a plane that big with that many people on board disappear? I’m the same way with sleeping on the weekends! If I don’t have to get up in the morning, I won’t.

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