Weekly Wishes #9


Each Monday night, I link up with The Nectar Collective to share my “wishes” or goals for the week and to see how I did on my goals last week. I know it’s Tuesday night, but better late than never! I had a late night at the office last night and just didn’t have the energy to boot my computer back up when I got home.

I didn’t do very well on my goals last week. I’m trying to cut myself some slack as things have been so, so busy at work.

Last Week

1. Finish AllegiantI did! And I enjoyed it!

2. Do 15-20 minutes of French on the Duolingo app at least five days this week. I totally and completely slacked off on this goal. I didn’t do this once. It didn’t help that my travel agent told me we actually don’t need to know any French to get around well in Paris. I still want to know basics, but I’m lacking the motivation.

3. Meet my usual workout goal of getting to the gym at least four times during the week. Nope – I only went twice yet again.

4. Put together my February Project Life layout. I have a general layout, but I have to re-order some pictures that CVS messed up, and I just need to find the time to get a little more creative.

5. Decide on my next travel post and get at least an outline drafted. I drafted a partial outline.

This Week

1. Start my spring cleaning by organizing and cleaning out our file cabinet. 

2. Read half of The 4-Hour Workweek.

3. Do my usual exercise goal of going to the gym four times during the week. Once I start doing this more regularly, it will hopefully just be natural, and I won’t have to list it as a goal every week. I did find out this morning that they are yet again changing the class schedule at my gym though, so I’ll have to figure out a new routine again.

4. Finish my next travel post

The Nectar Collective



3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #9

  1. You will love the 4 Hour Work Week! So many gems! Stay motivated on that gym goal… I’m a personal trainer so I get to here all sorts of excuses, but remember… how good you will feel once you’ve done your workout! :)

  2. They change their class times a lot! That must be frustrating. It has to be hard to come up with a schedule for it. I’m trying to get in four workouts this week too. Good luck with your wishes!

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