Weekly Wishes #7


Tonight’s dinner thanks to the Mix & Match Mama. Delicious!!

Each Monday night, I link up with The Nectar Collective to share my “wishes” or goals for the week and to see how I did on my goals last week.

Last Week

1. Order my prints for my January Project Life layout and, if time allows,  put it together. I ordered them but did not make the layout yet. It actually took me a long time to figure out how to print 4X3 pictures in the cheapest and most efficient way. Once I did (using The Beautiful Mess app), I ordered my prints from CVS, but I haven’t picked them up yet.

2. Finish This is Where I Leave YouDone! I gave it two out of five stars on GoodReads. It was a fun read in some parts, but it was pretty dirty and didn’t have a very good ending. I did find myself liking the characters at times and getting into the story line, but that was more in the second half. The movie comes out later this year (with Jason Bateman and Tina Fey) – it will be a fun movie to see with my Book Club.

3. Make it to  BodyPump Thursday evening, yoga on Saturday, and BodyPump again on Sunday. Do a short, at-home workout on Tuesday. Yep, I did each of these workouts!

This Week

1. Read half of Allegiant.

2. Do the same workout schedule as last week but add in my Tuesday morning cycling class.

3. Put together my January Project life layout. It will happen this week! Also, pick out my prints for my February layout. Gotta catch up!

4. Start my next travel post.

The Nectar Collective

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