Lazy Days with Banana // 04

Each month I post pictures of my cat Banana sitting around doing nothing but being cute, and I call this series Lazy Days with Banana. I do this so that I can limit the amount of Banana pictures I share on other posts. I do share pictures of him outside of these posts occasionally (and way too much on Instagram), but at least I try to not look like a crazy cat lady. :)


Yes, my cat does watch entire TV shows with me….







One thought on “Lazy Days with Banana // 04

  1. Awww, Banana is so cute! I love that you two watch TV together. And Bones! Good choice. :) My pup watches TV if she hears an animal. Sometimes she barks, sometimes she doesn’t (we’re working on making not barking happen all the time), but as soon as the animal is gone she’s snoring away again. :)

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