Weekly Wishes #6


This was taken outside our apartment. The mountains of snow just won’t melt!

Each Monday night, I link up with The Nectar Collective to share my “wishes” or goals for the week and to see how I did on my goals last week. I missed last week do to a crazy work schedule, so I’m going to start with a clean slate and just make some new goals for this week.

This Week

1. Order my prints for my January Project Life layout and, if time allows,  put it together.

2. Finish This is Where I Leave You. Not loving it so far, but I’m going to keep going with it.

3. Make it to  BodyPump Thursday evening, yoga on Saturday, and BodyPump again on Sunday. Do a short, at-home workout on Tuesday.

I’m keeping things simple this week. Looking forward to having a little more time than earlier this month to work on personal goals.

The Nectar Collective

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #6

  1. Came from the linkup!
    I’m also interested in the book the premise sounds intriguing. I find people who can stick to a regular workout regimen really amazing, the sheer discipline it takes to show up and move …I’m just lazy and unmotivated :(

    Hope you find the time to put together your Project Life layout! :)

  2. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts about the book when you’re done. It’s too bad you’re not enjoying it too much right now. Good luck with your goals this week!

  3. I started project life and haven’t done anything past the first week! I haven’t felt inspired I suppose. Where are you ordering your prints from? I’ve found Etsy to be a good place for them! Have a fantastic week!!

    • I think I’ll probably just order my pictures from CVS – at least the first time around. I have a Project Life core kit of the decorative inserts, but I may have to look into Etsy! Sounds interesting!

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