A Photo an Hour – My Everyday Life

Today I’m sharing a typical winter weekday with you by posting a picture (or two) taken during each hour of my day this past Tuesday. Keep in mind, not every day is exactly the same, but I tried to pick a day that was the most typical for me on a weekday during this time of year.

This is a link-up with A Southern Mess and Meg O. on the Go! Be sure to go check out their cute blogs!

A Photo an Hour Link-Up

5:40am – It’s an early morning for me on Tuesdays because I go to cycling class at my gym. I throw on workout clothes laid out the night before, grab a banana, and drive over to the gym. I usually walk, but it was 15 degrees that morning!


6:50am – This is a dark, fuzzy picture taken of my bike right after cycling class ended. After this, I go back home and shower.


7:15am – I throw my comfy pjs back on and fix my bowl of cereal and coffee. It’s time to snuggle with Banana on the couch to eat, read my daily devotional, and read a few of my favorite blogs that post in the mornings. This happens every single morning unless I have to be out the door particularly early.



7:50/8:00am – I pull myself off the couch to fix my hair and makeup while watching a show or a YouTube video and finishing off my coffee. This Tuesday, I was watching part of the latest episode of Bones.


8:35am – I get to my car and drive to work.


9:15am – Once I arrive at work, one of the first things I do is look at my to-do list for the week. I was so busy on Monday that I didn’t have time to write my list at all, so that’s the first thing I did when I arrived on Tuesday.



10:00am – It’s time to pick a Pandora station and get to work on a big project. Tuesday’s pick was my Explosions in the Sky station – great working music.


11:30am – I’m usually starving by 10, but I hold off until around 11:30. I grab my pre-packed lunch from the office fridge and start to snack. This is a very typical lunch for me to bring, but about twice a week I buy lunch.


12:30pm – Work, work, work….


1:30pm – Time to snack on more of the lunch I brought20140128-224218.jpg

2:30pm – Coffee break!


3:30pm – I know, my days are thrilling…. ;) Time for another snack.


4:30pm – Taking a quick mental break by reading a few blogs


5:30pm – If it weren’t busy season at work, I’d be heading home soon, but since it is, I’ve still got a few hours left! This is me being very tired.


7:10pm – I missed a picture in the 6pm hour, but that’s okay because I was just doing more of the same. Heading home! This is actually a little bit of an early night during busy season.


8:00pm – My husband made breakfast for dinner – french toast!


9:00pm – Watching a show together


10:15pm – I’m working on my blog and watching YouTube videos. After this, I’ll read for a few minutes and then go to sleep by 11:30. I stayed up later than usual Tuesday, but I had a lot of blog stuff I wanted to do.


That’s it! A day in my life during the week…. Maybe I’ll do a weekend version of this sometime soon. I hope you enjoyed it! Do any of you have “day in the life” posts? They are my absolute favorite type of posts to read, so leave a link below if you want to share your routine!




7 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour – My Everyday Life

  1. French toast for dinner?? Sign me up! Also – I love how motivated you are in the mornings! I am definitely not that person! HAHA I am stopping by from the link up!

  2. Wow you are so productive in the morning! you got so much done before going to work!!!! I need to try to be more productive like this. I am visiting from the link up. The fact that your cat will cuddle with you in the morning is awesome, mine is running around like a lunatic, its slightly annoying.

    • Thanks! I try. Tuesday was a good day – it doesn’t always work out. :) However, I’m sorry I forgot to mention you when giving credit for the link-up. I’ve updated and added you now, and I’ve subscribed to you because I really like your blog!

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