Weekly Wishes #3


It’s that time again! I’m really enjoying having Monday nights to plan out what I want to make sure I accomplish for the rest of the week. It really helps me use any free evenings at home and my weekends wisely.

Starting this week, I’m going to begin these posts by taking a look back on my wishes from the previous week to see how I did.

Last Week

1. Read half of The Book Thief.  – I did not finish half, but I was close! I’ve made a reading plan for the rest of the week to make sure I finish in time for my book club meeting this Sunday afternoon.

2. Make it to my 6am cycling class Tuesday morning. – I did make it! And it felt so good to get my workout done in the morning.

3. Set up my Project Life album and get it ready to start my first page. – Done! I can tell I’m going to really enjoy this new hobby.

4. Put all of our Christmas decoration containers back out in our storage unit. – We did this before our trip to Philly this weekend. It’s nice to have a less-cluttered apartment!

5. “Finalize” our budget. – I worked quite a bit on our budget and updating our You Need a Budget software. I’ve decided that it will take a few months for it to be in a more final state since I’m not exactly sure what some of our spending patterns for this year will be yet.

This Week

1. Set up my new planner. – I bought some colored pens and can’t wait to put my new planner together to help me stay organized for the rest of 2014.

2. Read the rest of the Book Thief. – I think I’ve talked about this enough, but it is definitely a priority for me this week.

3. Make it to  6am cycling class tomorrow and Wednesday morning, BodyPump Thursday evening, yoga on Saturday, and BodyPump again on Sunday. – I basically want this to be my routine any week I’m home this year.

4. Get a good chunk of my next Travel with Me post written and ready to post next week. 

5. Get pictures printed for my first Project Life layout. – This is the next step after getting the whole album set up and the first step of creating a layout.

The Nectar Collective



5 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #3

  1. Agreed, I’d love to hear what you thought of The Book Thief! I’ve owned it for months but still haven’t cracked it open yet. I’ve read some of the author’s books though and they were quite good.

    • Sure, I’ll be mentioning how I like The Book Thief on my blog, so stay tuned! What other books by the author do you recommend? I’m also looking for recommendations to add to my reading list!

  2. You’ll have to share what you think of The Book Thief when you’re done with it. I haven’t read the book yet. :) I love planners! I always have mine close at hand and it’s so helpful in helping me stay organized. Good luck as you start using yours. And good luck with all of your other goals this week too! I’m glad that you’ve been able to get a morning workout in since you’re more of a morning workout person. :) Do you like cycling classes?

    • I will definitely mention on my blog how I end up liking The Book Thief the second time around. It’s kind of weird – I’ve read it before a long time ago, but nothing seems really familiar. I’m enjoying it so far! And, yes, I really like cycling classes… They are tough, but you have the ability to choose whatever resistance works for you throughout the whole workout. My instructor once told me that the average amount of calories burned in a cycling class is 650, so that’s another major perk!

  3. Howdy! Stopping over from The Nectar Collective. I hadn’t heard of The Book Thief before, but now I’m excited to read it. Good luck with finishing it!

    I love setting up planners! I have no idea why I get so much joy out of it, but planners make me happy. :)

    Good luck with everything, this week.

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