The Sunday Currently, Volume 9

Coffee 1-12-14

I have a dilemma. I can never seem to get good pictures for this post. I was out all morning: I went to the gym and then to brunch with friends, and I completely forgot to take a picture of any of that. Now I’m in my usual spot for a Sunday afternoon (a coffee shop), and I’m sharing with you the same picture I always seem to do… one of my computer, coffee, and books/notebooks. One day I’ll get better at the picture-taking aspect of  blogging, I hope….


Reading  The Book Thief. I’m starting this today actually. Some friends from work have put together a book club! Our first time to meet is in two weeks, so I want to get started. I’ve read it before, but it was a long time ago, so I need to refresh my memory by reading it again. I’m also reading excerpts here and there from Daily Rituals: How Artists Work – if you like routine and enjoy reading about other people’s routines, you probably want to take a look at this book. But if you read this thinking how could anyone ever be interested in this (most of you probably), then you probably want to avoid it. :)

Writing  another blog post. It’s much harder to keep up with good content on a blog than I realized.

Listening  to the music on my iPad on shuffle. I’m finally starting to get into non-Christmas music, but I still need a little help. Any great album recommendations?

Thinking  about how much I love Sundays. It seems the world slows down and people take the time to do the things they love on this day. At least, it seems that way when I’m surrounded by people reading and writing and visiting with friends in a coffee shop.

Smelling coffee and books. We are at our favorite place to work – Barnes & Noble.

Wishing  that Sundays didn’t fly by so quickly

Hoping  to still be able to eat dinners at home this week. Things are starting to get really busy at work already.

Wearing  a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. I did not bring a coat out with me today, and I regret that decision. Just because we have had several below 10 degree days doesn’t mean that 40 degrees is warm.

Loving  that I got to have brunch with friends today! We had fun catching up.

Wanting  to stop by the Container Store after this. I have several areas in my apartment that I really want to organize…. But that store is dangerous!

Needing  to keep up with working out! Unfortunately, that means going to the gym at 6am tomorrow.

Feeling  content

Clicking  Bloglovin’ and Instagram

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