Weekly Wishes #1 // January Goals

Today I’m starting another link-up with The Nectar Collective called Weekly Wishes. I discovered this link-up when exploring Crystal’s blog, Dreams, Etc, one of my new favorite reads. This link-up is an opportunity to talk about the goals I have for the week (and for the month during the first link-up of every month). I think it’s a great way to keep focused on those 2014 goals, one little week at a time and to remember what my priorities are week-by-week. So, here we go!

The Nectar Collective

It’s the first link-up of the month, so here are my wishes for the month of January.

My Wishes for January

1. Read three books. Yes, my goal for 2014 was to read two books per month, but I’m making good progress on my first book, and I’d look to push for three.

2. Finish my next Travel with Me post.

3. Read the She Reads Truth: Fresh Start devotion every morning before opening up my Bloglovin’ page.

4. Set up my Project Life book and complete my first page.

To end this post, I have a picture for you. I know I have a new Lazy Days with Banana post coming up next week, but my furry baby is just being too cute tonight to resist! Ever since we got home from our trip, Banana cannot seem to get enough cuddle time. :)



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