The Sunday Currently, Volume 7

Today is a sick day in the Abernathy house. The majority of us in the house have bad colds, so we are taking it easy this morning. We drove from Waco to Aledo yesterday to spend time with Daniel’s family, and despite being sick, we had a great time last night playing games, enjoying spaghetti with garlic bread, exchanging gifts, and watching Four Christmases.


Reading  The $100 Startup. I finally finished Beautiful Ruins and liked it, so I’m picking The $100 Startup back up and will hopefully finish it soon. Although I really am more in the mood for fun fiction right now.

Writing  ideas for New Year’s Resolutions. I’m having trouble being inspired this year…. Does anyone know of any tools/articles/blog posts/books that help inspire setting goals for the New Year? I’m usually very excited and very inspired this time of year, so I’m not sure what’s wrong this time around.

Listening  to nothing. I’m writing this post in bed and plan to fall back asleep for a little bit after.

Thinking  that I hope everyone gets well in this house soon!

Smelling  the Tussin that I just took. Yuck.

Wishing  that I had ordered my new planner sooner so that I could be using it to plan things for the New Year!

Hoping  to be better in time to have dinner with my lovely friend Shannon and her new fiance tonight! We have plans to enjoy some yummy tex mex together and to catch up on life. It’s been too long!

Wearing  pajama pants and a cozy t-shirt

Loving  the time off from work

Wanting  my snuggly kitty here with me in Texas (same as last week! I miss Banana!)

Needing  to move and eat something soon

Feeling  happy to be in the great state of Texas!

Clicking  nothing. I’m going back to sleep.

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 7

  1. I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution type of person… although I do set goals at the beginning of the year, which I guess is sort of the same thing but I see my goals as being flexible. I reevaluate them every month when I set my monthly goals. They’re mostly writing and art related and it’s basically what I want to accomplish. And I have my usual entertainment goals like I want to read this many books, watch this many movies, stuff like that. :)

    I hope you guys are feeling better soon!!

    • Thanks! I guess I’m the same way. I’m always pretty flexible with my resolutions/goals. I always have something to do with exercise, books, not drinking sodas for the first half of the year, and budgeting. This year I’ll be adding blog-related goals as well. I’m hoping my inspiration will come once I’m heading back home back into my normal routine.

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