The Sunday Currently, Volume 6

We are in Waco, Texas with my family now. It has been so good to spend time with them so far, and we have almost a week left before we go visit Daniel’s family in Aledo.  Today is actually pretty busy, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick Sunday post!


Reading  still Beautiful Ruins. I have to finish by tomorrow because it is a library digital copy, and it expires from my Nook tomorrow evening. The book is good so far, but it is a slow plot line that is not easy to read in the small amounts of free time that I’ve had during the busy past couple of weeks.

Writing  nothing but this post. It’s a busy day!

Listening  to a MyHouseWifeLife video. Just a fun “day-in-the-life” YouTube channel I recently discovered.

Thinking  that I’m looking forward to the Baylor basketball game this afternoon and a Christmas carol service at my grandparents’ church this evening.

Smelling  my Vanilla Bean Noel lotion

Wishing  that time would slow down during the remainder of the holiday season. It’s flying by!! I’m trying to savor every moment.

Hoping  to squeeze in a quick nap before the basketball game

Wearing  pajama pants and a cozy t-shirt

Loving  being with my family

Wanting  my snuggly kitty here with me in Texas

Needing  this time off from work. I’m so thankful it’s here!

Feeling  excited to see more family members as they fly in throughout the next few days.

Clicking  Bloglovin’ and Gmail.

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One thought on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 6

  1. I’ve been looking at Beautiful Ruins. I’ll definitely wait to read it until I have some time to sit down with it for awhile. It’s been so busy I’ve hardly had time to read lately!

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