The Sunday Currently, Volume 5


This Christmas season is flying by! We have done so many fun things to celebrate the season with each other and with our friends here in the DC area, but this week we transition to start celebrating with our family and friends in Texas! We will spending the first week there with my family in Waco and the second week with Daniel’s family in Aledo (near Fort Worth – where both Daniel and I mostly grew up and where we met).


Reading  Beautiful Ruins. I have not read very much of this book so far. I’m hoping to get more reading time and inspiration over the next few weeks.

Writing a few last-minute Christmas cards. It took us awhile to collect all of our addresses.

Listening  to Christmas music. Ten more days y’all! Enjoy it while you can.

Thinking  that I’m really looking forward to Christmas brunch with our small group today and our church service this evening

Smelling  my coffee and Vanilla Bean Noel candle

Wishing  that I had woken up a little bit earlier this morning so that I could get a few more things done before our brunch.

Hoping  for snow in Texas at Christmas, but it looks like it could get up to 70 degrees while we are there. :( Weather is one thing I definitely don’t miss about Texas, but there are many many other things that I do miss about it.

Wearing  my pajamas and fuzzy Christmas socks

Loving  that Daniel and I caved and opened our stocking stuffers for each other last night. I leave on Wednesday for Texas, and Daniel leaves next Saturday, so we usually try to find a date to exchange gifts before we travel home so that we have fewer things to lug back in our suitcase. I’m also very much loving that our Christmas trip to Texas is so soon! We can’t wait to see friends and family!

Wanting  to soak in every last day/minute of this Christmas season.

Needing  to get up and get ready for brunch

Feeling  excited that I only have to go into my office two days this week

Clicking  not much. I have to run to get ready for the day soon!

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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 5

    • I’m really looking forward to it! Since I’ll be gone for 2 and a half weeks, I’ll still be working remotely from Texas for a few days, but I’ll definitely have lots of time off! Enjoy your vacation!

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