2013 in Review

I only started this blog a couple of months ago, but I still thought I’d do a “year in review” type post to document my year and share it with all of you. 2013 was quite busy, but it was full of beautiful memories! So, here are a few highlights from each month:


Daniel started his new job as the web designer at the NRCC on Capitol Hill.


Daniel and I took a pre-busy season weekend getaway to Brampton Inn Bed & Breakfast in Chestertown, MD.



We spent a weekend staying in DC to play “tourist” for Daniel’s birthday.


We had our second annual Valentine’s Day fondue dinner at home.


I explored Nashville with my friends Brittany and Catherine.



We celebrated Easter by attending a service and going out for brunch in Old Town Alexandria.



My cousin Josh and his wife Meredith came to visit us and see the cherry blossoms in DC.


We hiked with our good friends Kaitlin and Erik at Great Falls National Park.


We made our first car purchase (due to me unfortunately wrecking the car given to us by my parents).



We traveled to Seattle for sightseeing….


…and to Alaska to spend time with great friends.



Our friend Scott came to visit!


We explored Baltimore and the National Aquarium.



My family visited for the week for Fourth of July. We all went to Williamsburg, VA together.


I traveled to Billings, Montana to see my friends Emilie and Andy tie the knot!



Elizabeth (my sister) came to visit!


We visited my cousin and his wife (and very good friends!) at their home in Wake Forest, NC.



I visited Charleston, SC with my friend Becca for a fun-filled girls’ weekend!



We visited family in Texas.


We traveled to New England.


Ellen (my other sister) came to visit us!


We spent a weekend exploring Skyline Drive and all of the beauty that Virginia in the Fall has to offer.



We spent Thanksgiving week in a lake house near Nashville, TN with Daniel’s family.


I became a CPA!


We spent half the month in Texas with our families celebrating Christmas.


Whew! What a good, fun-filled year! I didn’t even include all of our visitors or all of the fun we had around DC…. This post reminds me of how much we are blessed and all that we have to be thankful for. 2013 was beautiful. 2014, I’m ready for you!


The Sunday Currently, Volume 7

Today is a sick day in the Abernathy house. The majority of us in the house have bad colds, so we are taking it easy this morning. We drove from Waco to Aledo yesterday to spend time with Daniel’s family, and despite being sick, we had a great time last night playing games, enjoying spaghetti with garlic bread, exchanging gifts, and watching Four Christmases.


Reading  The $100 Startup. I finally finished Beautiful Ruins and liked it, so I’m picking The $100 Startup back up and will hopefully finish it soon. Although I really am more in the mood for fun fiction right now.

Writing  ideas for New Year’s Resolutions. I’m having trouble being inspired this year…. Does anyone know of any tools/articles/blog posts/books that help inspire setting goals for the New Year? I’m usually very excited and very inspired this time of year, so I’m not sure what’s wrong this time around.

Listening  to nothing. I’m writing this post in bed and plan to fall back asleep for a little bit after.

Thinking  that I hope everyone gets well in this house soon!

Smelling  the Tussin that I just took. Yuck.

Wishing  that I had ordered my new planner sooner so that I could be using it to plan things for the New Year!

Hoping  to be better in time to have dinner with my lovely friend Shannon and her new fiance tonight! We have plans to enjoy some yummy tex mex together and to catch up on life. It’s been too long!

Wearing  pajama pants and a cozy t-shirt

Loving  the time off from work

Wanting  my snuggly kitty here with me in Texas (same as last week! I miss Banana!)

Needing  to move and eat something soon

Feeling  happy to be in the great state of Texas!

Clicking  nothing. I’m going back to sleep.

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Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve! I’ve decided this is my favorite day of the year. We have had such a great time visiting family, exchanging gifts, and eating great food. Today we are going to lunch at my grandparents, and then we are going to see a movie everyone in the family should enjoy (including my grandparents), Saving Mr. Banks. After the movie, we will go to a Christmas Eve service at the church Daniel and I used to go to when we went to school here in Waco, and then we will do my immediate family’s Christmas Eve tradition of reading the Christmas story and exchanging gifts this evening.

I wish you a day full of fun, food, and celebration with your family and friends. And with that, I’ll leave you with this video to make you smile:




The Sunday Currently, Volume 6

We are in Waco, Texas with my family now. It has been so good to spend time with them so far, and we have almost a week left before we go visit Daniel’s family in Aledo.  Today is actually pretty busy, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick Sunday post!


Reading  still Beautiful Ruins. I have to finish by tomorrow because it is a library digital copy, and it expires from my Nook tomorrow evening. The book is good so far, but it is a slow plot line that is not easy to read in the small amounts of free time that I’ve had during the busy past couple of weeks.

Writing  nothing but this post. It’s a busy day!

Listening  to a MyHouseWifeLife video. Just a fun “day-in-the-life” YouTube channel I recently discovered.

Thinking  that I’m looking forward to the Baylor basketball game this afternoon and a Christmas carol service at my grandparents’ church this evening.

Smelling  my Vanilla Bean Noel lotion

Wishing  that time would slow down during the remainder of the holiday season. It’s flying by!! I’m trying to savor every moment.

Hoping  to squeeze in a quick nap before the basketball game

Wearing  pajama pants and a cozy t-shirt

Loving  being with my family

Wanting  my snuggly kitty here with me in Texas

Needing  this time off from work. I’m so thankful it’s here!

Feeling  excited to see more family members as they fly in throughout the next few days.

Clicking  Bloglovin’ and Gmail.

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Christmas Galore

I really wanted to have my Travel with Me – Seattle post ready for you today, but I’ve been busy traveling, working, and enjoying time with family here in Texas! That post will probably be after the holidays. I thought that as a replacement, I’d give you a glimpse into the rest of our Christmas activities we did in the DC area before leaving for Texas.

Handel’s Messiah at the National Cathedral







My Work Christmas Party


Lazy Days Watching Christmas Movies


Christmas Candlelight Tour at Mount Vernon

I was unable to take pictures in the actual house, but it was a really neat tour. The guide told stories of Christmas at the Washington’s home. It was really neat, and I highly recommend it if you are in the DC area around Christmastime.










Christmas Dinner in Old Town Alexandria at Columbia Firehouse



Opening Stockings from Each Other





Lazy Days with Banana // 02

It’s time for another Lazy Days with Banana post where I post pictures to give you a glimpse into the daily life of our furry little critter. Click here to see my first post as well as somewhat of a description of the series. Scroll down to view the pictures, and if you go all the way to the bottom, you will see our favorite Banana picture of the year by far!






This is the best picture of Banana all year! I was taking a picture of him being all cute, and I got lucky enough to catch him mid-stretch. He is giving you a big hug! :)


The Sunday Currently, Volume 5


This Christmas season is flying by! We have done so many fun things to celebrate the season with each other and with our friends here in the DC area, but this week we transition to start celebrating with our family and friends in Texas! We will spending the first week there with my family in Waco and the second week with Daniel’s family in Aledo (near Fort Worth – where both Daniel and I mostly grew up and where we met).


Reading  Beautiful Ruins. I have not read very much of this book so far. I’m hoping to get more reading time and inspiration over the next few weeks.

Writing a few last-minute Christmas cards. It took us awhile to collect all of our addresses.

Listening  to Christmas music. Ten more days y’all! Enjoy it while you can.

Thinking  that I’m really looking forward to Christmas brunch with our small group today and our church service this evening

Smelling  my coffee and Vanilla Bean Noel candle

Wishing  that I had woken up a little bit earlier this morning so that I could get a few more things done before our brunch.

Hoping  for snow in Texas at Christmas, but it looks like it could get up to 70 degrees while we are there. :( Weather is one thing I definitely don’t miss about Texas, but there are many many other things that I do miss about it.

Wearing  my pajamas and fuzzy Christmas socks

Loving  that Daniel and I caved and opened our stocking stuffers for each other last night. I leave on Wednesday for Texas, and Daniel leaves next Saturday, so we usually try to find a date to exchange gifts before we travel home so that we have fewer things to lug back in our suitcase. I’m also very much loving that our Christmas trip to Texas is so soon! We can’t wait to see friends and family!

Wanting  to soak in every last day/minute of this Christmas season.

Needing  to get up and get ready for brunch

Feeling  excited that I only have to go into my office two days this week

Clicking  not much. I have to run to get ready for the day soon!

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