The Sunday Currently, Volume 2



Reading  my She Reads Truth study and still working on The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Writing  a Target shopping list for this afternoon. We have quite the list since we are making several things for Thanksgiving with Daniel’s family next week!

Listening  to the new Dave Barnes Christmas album. I love him.

Thinking  that I have to get off this couch in ten minutes if I’m going to go to this BodyPump class this afternoon

Smelling  my morning coffee and my Marshmallow Fireside candle from BBW

Wishing  for more snow! It snowed a teeny bit last night as we were leaving our Friendsgiving.

Hoping  that I can get most things ready for our road trip this afternoon. We are driving about 11-12 hours to Nashville to stay in a cabin that Daniel’s family rented. We start our drive Tuesday afternoon.

Wearing  an old Lions Club basketball t-shirt (from 4th grade ha), pajama pants, and cozy Christmas socks

Loving  that I woke up at a decent hour this morning and lots I’m kidding lots of cuddles with my kitty this morning (see picture above)

Wanting  to purchase some more fun Christmas decorations. Maybe I’ll find some bargains at Target this afternoon?

Needing  a thicker blanket. It’s cold in here!

Feeling  very much in the holiday mood. I’m so happy we are in my favorite time of year!

Clicking  Bloglovin’ and my Netflix DVD queue (moving Christmas movies to the top of the list for watching after Thanksgiving!)

I really enjoyed that again! I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s TSCs. Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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One thought on “The Sunday Currently, Volume 2

  1. Enjoy your posts, makes us feel like you are not so far away. We are at our lake house with Kevin. We were here with June last month, then she had a girls’ weekend here. We are finally getting some fall weather so it’s nice zooming through the woods on the golf cart. Well, zooming is a bit strong, puttering is closer. My blog is now about six years old, and I still don’t know why I enjoy it. I used to keep calendars during my law years, annotating observations as time permitted. Wish I had saved them! Enjoy and poke Daniel to resume his. Nobody cares if you skip a week or a year.

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