The Sunday Currently, Volume 1


Some of my favorite types of blog posts to read are weekend recaps and “currently” posts. I am inspired by hearing about how other people live their daily lives. To join in on the fun, I’m going to start linking up with siddathornton with The Sunday Currently posts. My blog is in its baby stages, so I’m still seeking out my blog niche and purpose, but I think this series will be an enjoyable way to begin to meet others in the blog community. It will be fun to see if I can provide a little inspiration to other people as my blog grows. So, with that, here we go!!


Reading other blog posts and The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Writing Christmas gift ideas for friends and family and blog content for the week

Listening to coffee shop sounds and a Christmas Pandora station (shhh… don’t judge!)

Thinking that I’m thrilled I’ve finally started to write blog posts and am participating in the blog community. It’s about time! Especially since I have been a blog lurker for over two years

Smelling coffee and pastries in the local coffee shop I’m working at this afternoon

Wishing I had made it to that 10am BodyPump class at the gym today. Now I have to drag myself over to the 4:30pm class in a little bit when I really just want to take a nap

Hoping that I can keep up with my new blogging schedule as well as my workout routine this week. It has been tough to keep up any type of routine with the traveling I’ve been doing lately.

Wearing my favorite GAP jeans, a long sleeve Baylor t-shirt, cozy scarf, and Sperrys

Loving spending time with my husband on a relaxing Sunday afternoon in a coffee shop

Wanting to see my family. Since we currently live in the DC area, and our families live in Texas, that doesn’t get to happen nearly enough.

Needing to cross more things off my weekend to-do list than I will be able to do.

Feeling very tired. I’ve been staying up way too late for the past three nights. Looking forward to some early nights in for the next few evenings.

Clicking Amazon (for creating a wish list and planning out Christmas gift purchases for others), Instagram, and Bloglovin’. 

That was fun! I’m looking forward to doing this each week.

This post is for the blog link up on siddathornton. Share yours and link it up!


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